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A view of the projects carried out.

Qurisma II

The second edition of the Turkish student party in Amsterdam.

Spirit of Islam

This is an event that is organized once a year mostly during the Ramadan month. With different guest speakers every year.

Genclik ve Spor Bayrami

Sports activity

Education market 3

The aim of this project was to make pupils with a migrant background of secondary education interested in higher education. With the participation of different Universities and HBO institutions from the region in this project came into being. This project was a collaborative project in which six organizations participated.

23 april / Kinderfeest

Children's party 23 April is a children's party to celebrate this, TNSP Yakamoz has organized this activity together with other organizations.

Saz & Cabaret

A project to bring saz and cabaret together in one of the leading theaters in North Holland, the Kennemer Theater.

BBQ closure academic year

The annual closure of the academic year. Traditionally in collaboration with other student associations.

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